Sometimes, business meetings are held on an urgent basis and require attention to the intricate details within a short span of time. It could be a make or break situation for an entrepreneur. No matter how organised you are in terms of speeches or presentations, your efforts will go in vain if you do not choose an appropriate business venue.   In a place that is buzzing with construction activities or traffic noise, you will not be able to make an effective business presentation. Sound pollution acts as a barrier to communication hence choosing a business hotel that is located in a peaceful atmosphere is extremely critical for business meetings.   Smart business travelers are ready with their checklist when it comes to choosing a business hotel. Here is what you can do before embarking on a business trip.   Business Hotel Location Most of the hotels located close to the airport offer pick-up and drop services to the guests. So, choose a hotel that is in close proximity to the airport or the train-terminal. This is extremely convenient as it reduces travel time.   Familiarity Breeds Confidence Take a stroll and get the familiar with the ambiance and atmosphere of the hotel. Solo business travellers can explore amazing places during weekends. Keep a tab on the nearby restaurants if you are not too inclined towards the food offered by the hotel staff.   Communication Tools Before selecting a business, inquire about the communication facilities in terms of computers, fax machines and internet. Do you need an LCD projector to make presentations, or wireless internet to communicate with the audience? Be specific and get the details from the hotel authorities.   Look for Amenities Select a room that is quiet, ventilated and not close to the pool or bar where people tend to enjoy and have a blast. This is ideal for those who want to relax in solitude after a hectic business meeting. Business trips tend to generate a lot of anxiety and pressure. Hence, it is certainly not a bad idea to select a room that is adjacent to the restaurant or the lobby. Pleasure acts as a great stress-buster and helps in relaxation.   Ask about the provisions for storing the essential documents and luggage. Also, inquire about the conference rooms after taking into consideration the number of guests that you would expect.   Give Me a Break Ensure that your business meetings are cleverly interspersed with breaks. Spare time to take a quick break. Come back with renewed focus and this will make your task much easier than you would expect. Whether the business trip is going to last for a week or may wind up in a day or two, make sure that you get adequate rest.   A brief workout in the gym, spending some time in the pool or a cursory visit to the barber shop or salon would be refreshing for the mind and body. Some hotels also offer exciting sight-seeing trips, shopping venues and golf courses to the guests so that they can relax and unwind.

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