Dubai A Vibrant Cosmopolitan City With an emergence of Dubai as global business hub, you can find a fusion of both old and new cultures reflecting an essence of Islam, the primary religion within UAE, with high value for its culture and traditions. Till 1960’s, Dubai used to be a port, however, with discovery of oil, Dubai has come up as a vibrant cosmopolitan city catering people from all over the world living with harmony at one place. Dubai with cultural crossroads welcomes millions of vacationers every year to have mesmerizing vacation in Dubai. Local Emirates are very tolerant towards international vacationers and greatly appreciates tourists who like to learn about local culture and customs. In Dubai, local people greet each other by touching their nose to show courtesy as a vital trait.   Cultural & Traditional City Dubai hosts one of the largest shopping centres, along with this, vacationers must take benefit of visiting cultural heritage sites to know more about its culture and tradition. The Dubai Museum built with concept of old traditional fort exhibits information on pearl diving industry which is known to be the founder of Dubai. The Dubai Museum has grandeur of traditional weapons, dresses and jewellery. People who are keen to know more about Arabian culture and heritage can join Sheikh Mohammed Center cultural awareness program. This program includes cultural visit to the entire auspicious mosques with informative Arabic classes.   Dubai Hotel Apartments For Long Term Stay People who are travelling to Dubai can find many comfortable Hotel Apartments in Dubai providing a luxurious and affordable stay. The cultural tour of Dubai will require you to have a long stay to understand all the minute details in the pies ambiance. These hotels are best option for long-term residency at affordable price. You can easily avail apartments as per your requirement one, two, three, or four bedrooms with well-furnished kitchens and a large living area. If your budget is low you can go for the Standard rooms pricing inclusive of basic utilities for daily needs. Single vacationers and couples enjoy the luxurious studio rooms with fitness center, squash court and children play area and list goes on.   Business & Leisure Hub of UAE Dubai is second largest Emirate of UAE having an advanced cosmopolitan environment. This city is a centre of attraction all over the world due to its immense culture, shopping complexes, high skyscrapers, business points, sports events and many tourist destinations. Big multinational companies have their business centres in Dubai. This city hosts many important business meetings and product launches through its excellent event management industry. The city has also become the major vacation point for the visitors. Whether it may be a business stay or holidays, expatriates from either male or female enjoys their vacations in Dubai.   Dubai City With Complete Vacationing Experience Stay in Dubai is incomplete without availing the Dubai City Tours. All the major tourists’ spots are covered in a timely manner. If you are an adventure freak, Dubai offers you with amazing water sports with adventurous sand dunes driving experience. So, plan your travel in Dubai with comfortable stay in Dubai Deluxe Hotel Apartments to enjoy mesmerizing vacationing tour in this blissful city.

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