Are you planning a vacation this summer or looking for a perfect venue to conduct a corporate meeting? Even if you don’t have any outdoor plans, some useful tips on getting the best hotel deal will not be out of place. Getting a good and convenient accommodation is easy. Many hotels have their own websites. Browse through the sites to know what they got to offer. Even third-party websites such as Pro-Stay also offer different options for hotel accommodation or hosting a business meet.   Do a Bit of Research Browse the internet, talk to friends and acquaintances to get a clear view of the hotel you have selected. Check online reviews or study reports of an independent agency that audits the services of the hotel. The brand reputation plays an important role for popular hotels. This comes at a price and hence they are expensive. Do not disregard the unbranded hotels. Some of the Hotels are more open to negotiation and offer their services at a reasonable price.   Visualize the location All vacationers want to enjoy those precious moments of fun and frolic in a place that is not infested with pollution or traffic. Make sure the place that you chose to vacation is close to every modest thing that you tend to crave for. Why not sometimes pay more to avoid excruciatingly long and drawn out commutes from one place to the other. Try to envisage how your partner would feel while cruising on the serene waters of Marina channel in a Dhow (Arabian Boat) and relishing the charm and ethos of the delightful city – Dubai.   If the agenda is a business meet, then look for hotels that are close to the airport.   Check the Space-factor Look for space or the proportion of area that you get as your own. If it is a business meet, then look for conference rooms that are spacious and well-equipped with modern technology. If you are travelling with your partner, see to it that you adequate space for which you intend to make a reservation.   Quality of Stay Most of the hotel accommodation companies offer customized packages for the corporate sector, politicians, celebrities, VIP’s and general public. Are you expecting a tech-savvy audience in the corporate meet? Ask the hotel authorities about the technological equipment's such as computers, fax machines, LCD projectors and high-speed internet. Enquire about the food and beverages, gymnasium, shopping malls, golf courses, etc. Most of the prominent hotels located in Palm Island, Dubai such as Burj Al Arab Hotel and Atlantis Hotel offer exciting sight-seeing trips to different parts of Dubai and expensive beaches for the tourists to relax and unwind.   Loyalty Gains As mentioned earlier, booking hotel accommodation via third-party websites is possible. You can book your stay in a Hotel or Hotel Apartments for your Business or Leisure needs with such companies to make a reservation and to save your precious time. Third-party websites may help you for hassle free booking for your stay in a Hotel. Such companies also offer loyalty points when you call them for reservations or utilize their website to book a room in a Hotel. The loyalty points can be redeemed at a later stage as per their policies.

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