Dubai is a vibrant cosmopolitan city offering a lot of options to vacationers to visit and enjoy their holidays. Here are the top ten places you must see in Dubai:

  • Burj Khalifa: Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest building, built in 2010 offers fabulous views of Dubai and Arabian Sea. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is a magnificent centerpiece of Downtown Dubai. It is surrounded by must-visit shopping destinations, luxurious hotels and many more amazing places in Dubai.

  • Burj Al Arab: Burj Al Arab is the world's fourth tallest and only 7 star hotel beautifully with a height of 321 meters is designed in a shape of a billowing sail. Your trip to Dubai is almost incomplete without visiting this majestic building. Being one of the most photogenic locations in Dubai, it is also illuminated in the evening with choreographed lighting to make it more impressive during night.

  • The Dubai Fountains: World’s largest dancing mountain at the base of Burj Khalifa Lake, this fountain shoots water jets as high as to the height of 50-storey building. Definitely worth a visit, the Dubai Fountain has all the displays lasting for about five minutes. Bizarrely performances are run over Dubai’s most fantastic dance numbers and award winning songs.

  • The Palm Island: The Palm Island in Dubai is an artificial archipelago island designed in a shape of a palm tree. This beautiful Palm Island hosts luxurious Jumeirah resorts where you can have a mesmerizing relaxing experience.

  • Ski Dubai: Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort built over an area of 22,500 sq. feet created by the Al Futtaim properties is loved by people from all ages. Amazing snow setting offers memorable snowboarding with some realistic effect to the visitors.

  • The Dubai Mall: The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall located on the base levels of Burj Khalifa. This mall has around 1200 shops and world’s largest gold souk. Every year lots of visitors visit the Dubai museum due to detailed information provided on culture Dubai people.

  • Dubai Museum: The Dubai Museum, oldest building in Dubai, built in 1787 provides information on the cultural heritage of Dubai. Dubai shows the traditional lifestyle of ancient UAE and is visited by thousands of people round the clock.

  • Dubai Beaches: While visiting Dubai, you cannot miss its beautiful beaches. Dubai beaches are located along the Jumeirah road with a numerous resorts and luxurious hotels. Barbecue spots and food kiosks make it amazing picnic spot for families.

  • Dubai Marina: Dubai Marina is a fusion of 36 buildings presented as a fabulous visual effect for the visitors. Various boat rides and super yacht offers a nice experience of boating to visitors through the waterways.

  • Global Village: Global Village cultural entertainment tourist spot situated in Dubai entertains people from all over the world yearly with live performances and cuisines. Open from November to march every year, authentic handicrafts and merchandise are displayed here including thrilling rides.

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